About Us

Creating the Best Software

At Syncora, we blend innovation with expertise, delivering tailor-made software solutions for small businesses poised for growth. Join our journey of transformation.

Our Mission

At the core of Syncora lies a singular, unwavering mission: to empower small businesses with cutting-edge software solutions that transform operational challenges into opportunities. We strive to equip every enterprise with tools that amplify their vision, drive, and determination.

We don’t just offer software; we provide a partnership, a commitment, and a promise to be there at every step of your business journey, ensuring success is always within reach.

Our Team

Meet the passionate minds behind Syncora. A blend of innovators, strategists, and problem-solvers, dedicated to crafting solutions that drive your business forward.

Nick De Frangh

Nick De Frangh

Founder & CTO

Mattias Eyckmans

Mattias Eyckmans

Founder & CEO

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