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We craft exclusive software solutions tailored for small businesses, allowing them to seamlessly integrate and manage their operations from one centralized platform.

Ticketing & Access Control

In today’s digital age, ticketing and access control are crucial for events and establishments alike. Syncora ensures a seamless and secure experience, from online ticket purchasing to on-ground access.


We’ve built a system that effortlessly integrates ticketing into your website, enhancing user experience.


We allow you to craft diverse pricing models, providing flexibility and catering to every audience type.


We provide tools that let you manage event entries across a plethora of devices, anytime and anywhere.


Our smart algorithms are at work behind the scenes, offering promotions to boost your sales.

Event Management

Every event holds its unique challenges. With Syncora’s event management, from seating arrangements to analytics, we’ve got every detail covered for you.


We provide tools to craft seating maps, enhancing event atmosphere and attendee experience.


We empower attendees, allowing them to self-manage tickets and other essentials effortlessly.


Through our dashboards, we offer you real-time data, shedding light on event dynamics.


Keeping a keen eye on every item, our system ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Cashless Payments

The future is cashless. Syncora’s digital transaction tools ensure every financial interaction is quick, secure, and utterly seamless.


We champion cashless events with our versatile digital wallet solutions designed for every kind of event.


No more long queues; online account top-ups redefine convenience for your customers.


Elevate the buying experience with our dynamic Point-of-Sale system, adaptable to various service styles.


We believe in personalization; thus, we let you shape your sales channels to reflect your brand.

On-Site or Online Sales

We’ve witnessed the lines between on-site and online blur. Our commitment is to provide consistency, clarity, and confidence in every sale, regardless of its location.


A centralized stock management system means errors are minimized and efficiency maximized.


We’ve designed tools to convert any device, be it smartphones or desktops, into potent POS terminals.


Whether you seek basic integration or a comprehensive eShop, we have the solution.


We allow you to mold the sales process, reflecting your business’s ethos at every step.

Activity Planning

For us, every activity represents a commitment to excellence. Our suite ensures impeccable planning and execution for all your ventures.


We’ve integrated a dynamic calendar, keeping your audience informed and engaged.


We’ve set up platforms to engage with customers, fostering long-lasting relationships.


Time is precious and fleeting; our innovative tools ensure you make the most of every single second.


We make online reservations completely effortless, greatly enhancing overall customer convenience and satisfaction.


We believe in making financial management a breeze. Our suite offers clear, efficient, and comprehensive oversight, ensuring you’re always in control.


With our system, implementing discounts, gift cards, or coupons becomes a seamless process.


We’ve designed data processes that make the accountant’s role straightforward and tasks becomes significantly simpler.


Our intuitive system eradicates the need for external billing solutions, streamlining operations.


We consistently provide insightful financial data, empowering you to make more informed and strategic choices

Why Partner With Us?

Here’s why forging a partnership with us is a strategic step towards elevating your business.


With years of industry experience, we bring proven strategies and insights to the table.


Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all; we tailor them to perfectly match your unique business requirements.


As your business grows, our solutions expand with you, ensuring seamless operations at every level.


Our dedicated team is always on standby, ensuring that any challenge you face is addressed promptly.


We’re at the forefront of technological advances, consistently integrating the latest and best into our offerings.


Trust is foundational for us; we commit to transparent processes and open communication at every step.

Client Reviews

At the heart of our commitment lies the experiences and feedback of our valued clients. Dive into the reflections of those who’ve walked this journey with us.

“Our first ticketsale trough the Syncora platform was a great sucess, selling out in less than 5 minutes.”

Dirk D.


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